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Last update: 2016-January-10

Anonymous data is collected when you visit our webpage such as which recipe you view or which search criteria you entered. This in order to understand a user or visitors interests on this website and to find ways to provide you with even better user experience.

Social Media: Third parties like Facebook, Google+, etc might also be informed that you are visiting our webpage if you use their services. This is for instance needed when you want to login to your account on our webpage with your Facebook account, or if you click one of the provided button by these social media groups, “Like”, “G+”, etc. Other social media might be added or removed in the future.
We use code that these social media provide us, we do not control the function and how the information is used.

Analysis: Third parties are also collecting anonymous data in order to generate statistics or present you advertisement banners. We are using Google Analytics which records which page was visited, how the page was reached from which country you visit our webpage from or which browser you use. We use such services to better understand which parts of the webpage is popular, which one would need more attention, which browser is the most popular for our user… this information helps us to continuously develop our webpage to give you the best possible experience. If you wish to understand more how Google Analytics works you can visit their pages: Google analytics

User account: Certain functions require that you create an account and are logged in such as to upload your recipe, save a recipe as preferred recipe, etc… Further such services might be added in the future.
For such services, personal data, i.e. data identifying you as a person will be needed as these services are directly connected to your account. Personal data such email, username are needed. These data will be stored and will be used to further improve our services.
We are not sharing or communicating personal data that you entered when you created you account to any third party. These data are kept in our databases and might be used for future services. You have the possibility at anytime to change or remove personal data from your account (with exception to your email and username).

Information about terms and conditions of the use of this webpage can be found in our Terms and Condition page

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