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Image of Puff pastry sesame seeds sticks.
Recipe cost: 1
Recipe difficulty: 1
Preparation : 00:05
Cooking : 00:10

Recipe description :
This is a different type of the classical puff pastry cheese stick. These sticks will quickly become your guests favorite starter or mingle food at a party. They are easy and quick to prepare but so delicious.
Image of Swedish sandwich cake with seafood.
Preparation : 01:00
Cooking : 00:00

Recipe description :
This homemade recipe for Swedish sandwich cake with seafood is the classical version of the famous "smörgåstårta". It is made with three layers of breads and two different fillings in between. You can decorate the cake in many different ways using different ingredients, this is just one way of doing it.
Image of Swedish strawberry crumble pie.
Preparation : 00:15
Cooking : 00:25

Recipe description :
This is a traditional Swedish crumble pie is with the strawberries directly on the pie form and the crumbles on top. It is easy and quick to prepare. You can change to other berries or fruits and it will still be delicious. The best way to serve the pie is together with a vanilla sauce, vanilla cream or vanilla ice cream. It is possible to freeze the pie.
Image of Sesame bread.
Preparation : 00:10
Cooking : 00:25

Recipe description :
A white bread that can be served as it is or as a toast bread. You can shape the bread any way you like, as a big loaf, many small buns or why not braid it.
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Dip sauces for the summer
Here a couple of dip suggestions that will fit perfectly as a start to your barbecue evening. And of course these inspirations are from around the world !
Uploaded on : 2015-Apr-21
A different shrimp dip with avocado and egg. Very tasty as it is on white bread, together with a salad, or with some cucumber or carrot sticks. Make sure the avocado is not too soft.
Uploaded on : 2018-Jan-28
A homemade sauce made with chickpeas makes a perfect dip sauce together with white bread, tortilla chips or vegetables sticks. Quick and easy to make if you use pre-boiled chickpeas.
Uploaded on : 2015-Sep-15
This homemade recipe for pesto is based on olives, arugula and basil. The pesto has a flavorful and stronger taste if you use fresh basil and arugula. You can eat the pesto as it is together with bread as a starter, on the pasta, or use it on a pizza instead of the tomato sauce.
Uploaded on : 2015-Aug-06
A homemade classical Swedish shrimp salad also called skagenröra. This is a typical summer delight and taste best with fresh shrimps. It is mostly served as a starter on a toast, but also a favorite to baked potatoes, or as a filling in a baguette. The salad is named after the Danish town Skagen, furthest north in Denmark.
Uploaded on : 2016-Jun-18
This homemade Swedish remoulade sauce fits perfect to breaded fish dishes. In Sweden it is common to serve remoulade sauce on hot dogs, not so common in the rest of the world, but worth a try. The sauce only takes a few minutes to prepare.
Uploaded on : 2015-Apr-14
This is the Greek sour cream/ yoghurt sauce with cucumber, olive oil and garlic. It is commonly eaten on bread, as a dip to vegetables, with gyros, grilled meat, or in a pita bread. Before it is time to serve it, sprinkle some olive oil on top, and garnish with olives and dill to make it look even nicer.
The latest published recipes.
Uploaded on : 2018-Jul-05
This is a homemade French seasonal cherry cake made with fresh cherries from the garden. It can be served warm or cold and to enhance the flavor you can serve vanilla ice cream on the side of the cake.
Uploaded on : 2018-Jun-29
This is a homemade Serbian cheese pie called Gibanica made with a crispy crust of filo dough. It is filled with different kind of cheese. The pie can be served cold or warm, as a starter or a main dish, the choice is yours.
Uploaded on : 2018-Jun-23
If you like tacos with tortilla bread and want to try something new you will love this mini taco boats. They are perfect for a taco Tuesdays, football evening or at kid’s birthday parties.
Uploaded on : 2018-Jun-13
A hot variation from the original lasagna with minced meat. It has a rich and spicy taste of the sausages, vegetables and the tomato sauce with chili. If you have a big family party you can double the ingredients and prepare it in a big oven form so everyone get some.
Uploaded on : 2018-Jun-08
The only ingredient you need to make a juicy hamburger is minced beef. But why stop there when you can spice it up with spices, cheese, onion and big slice of haloumi cheese. Try it and you will not regret it.
Uploaded on : 2018-May-29
This is a dish made with camembert cheese, potatoes, onion and bacon and fits perfect on a cold winter day. The original dish tartiflette is made with reblochon cheese instead of camembert cheese. It’s a heavy dish so a green salad and a French baguette is all you need on the side.
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