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Image of Bouchée à La Reine.
Recipe cost: 3
Recipe difficulty: 4
Preparation : 00:30
Cooking : 01:30

Recipe description :
This is a homemade recipe of the classical French dish Bouchée à la Reine. Crispy puff pastry cylinders filled with a creamy sauce of veal, chicken and vegetables. There are 2 different versions of the dish and this recipe is for the main dish version made with less heavy sauce served together with spätzle.
Image of Chicken and curry wraps.
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:00

Recipe description :
This is a quick and easy dish to prepare. The wraps are both healthy and perfect for when you are on the go. It is best to eat them cold. You can use the sauce as a base and change the chicken to your preferences.
Image of Mushroom Risotto.
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:30

Recipe description :
A classic Italian-style Risotto with mushrooms. This dish is very creamy and fits nicely together with red meat or chicken. If you cook the rice slowly it will become creamy and sticky on the outside and firm on the inside. This recipe is made with mushrooms, but you can make the risotto with different ingredients such as chicken, vegetables, fish or meat.
Image of Mushroom and zucchini mousse.
Preparation : 00:15
Cooking : 00:45

Recipe description :
This is a homemade vegetable mousse that fits perfect as a starter. It is easy to make and will impress your guest. It is best to use small white mushrooms which makes a wonderful taste combination together with the zucchini.
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Christmas sweets
Christmas season is soon here and that means family gatherings and for that you need sweets to treat your guests with. Here are some suggestions from around Europe that might help you.
Uploaded on : 2018-Nov-09
This homemade gingerbread mousse is a perfect dessert around Christmas times. It is a sweet delicious mousse with crunchy bites of gingerbread cookies inside. The mousse is easy and fast to prepare and can be kept in the fridge for a few days.
Uploaded on : 2015-Nov-12
This is a homemade recipe of the traditional German Christmas cookies vanilla crescent. This half-moon shaped cookies are easy to do and will melt in your mouth. The cookies originate from the region Bavaria in Germany, but you can find similar cookies in Austria and France.
Uploaded on : 2015-Oct-20
Bredele- Alsatian Christmas cookies can be found in many variations of both the shape and taste. Most of them are made with baking powder, egg, flour and sugar as a base. Even though this version it is made with both coconut and chocolate it is not too sweet.
Uploaded on : 2016-Jan-02
A soft saffron cake with white chocolate topping. This cake is hard to resist so it is good to cut it in mall squares so you can take several pieces. It is a perfect winter dessert. It is a perfect ending of a party dinner as for example for the end of year parties.
Uploaded on : 2018-Jan-03
This homemade classic French Christmas dessert is made with both white and dark chocolate mousse. It looks like a log but is wonderfully creamy with chocolate. You can always decorate the cake with some extra nice Christmas decorations.
Uploaded on : 2018-Oct-18
In Sweden it is common to bake cakes and buns with saffron between the first Sunday of advent and Christmas. The cakes and buns are served as Swedish fika often together with coffee or tea. This is traditional chocolate balls but made with saffron instead.
The latest published recipes.
Uploaded on : 2021-Nov-15
Baeckeoffe is a typical casserole dish in the region Alsace in France. It is a combination of potatoes, vegetables, lamb, beef, and pork, that are slowly cooked in a bread dough sealed big terrine for 3-4 hours in white wine from the region. This Alsatian cuisine is mostly served in the winter for big family dinners.
Uploaded on : 2021-Nov-08
Carrot cakes comes in many different variations and can be found all over the world. This incredibly moist and creamy carrot cake has a taste of cinnamon and is covered with cream cheese frosting, and sprinkled with nuts. Quick and easy to prepare even from scratch, because most of the ingredients can found in most kitchens.
Uploaded on : 2021-Nov-01
Swedes love their sweets for the famous “fika” times, and the mud cake is a classic cake to prepare when you expect company. This homemade Swedish chocolate mud cake has a perfect combination a sweet, chewy and stickiness, that everyone loves about it.
Uploaded on : 2021-Oct-27
Homemade no-bake Nutella chocolate fudge with only 4 ingredients, can it be any better than that when you feel for something sweet. Rich and creamy fudge with the taste of Nutella and chocolate, that only takes a few minutes to whip together.
Uploaded on : 2021-Oct-20
A homemade crispy double breaded chicken, filled with garlic butter and parsley. The recipe is from the town Kiev in Ukraine and have become a favorite all over the world. The chicken is served with mashed potatoes or French fries.
Uploaded on : 2021-Oct-11
A French King cake is traditionally made with almond filling, but to make it a bit different than usual try it with chocolate instead. A crispy puff pastry cake filled with almond paste and a soft hazelnut cream creates a wonderful taste combination.
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