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Image of Fish taco.
Recipe cost: 3
Recipe difficulty: 2
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:10

Recipe description :
A crispy double breaded fish sprinkled with grated feta cheese and homemade salsa sauce served in a soft tortilla bread. This may sound like a strange combination, but it is what combines your favorite taco and fish and chips in to one of your new favorite dishes. You can elaborate with the flavors of different sauces and fishes until you find the combination that fits your taste buns perfectly.
Image of Oven baked Salmon with halloumi cheese.
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:20

Recipe description :
Salmon fillets topped with halloumi cheese and grilled veggies makes a complete meal baked in the oven. Served together with pasta and sour cream sauce makes this dish perfect any season of the year.
Image of Traditional Swedish sandwich cake.
Preparation : 01:00
Cooking : 00:00

Recipe description :
If you think of Swedish sandwich cake or as it is called Smörgåstårta in Swedish, this version is the most common one to eat. It might take a while to make it yourself but all the hard work is worth it when you take the first bite.
Image of Seared sea Scallops with orange.
Preparation : 00:30
Cooking : 00:30

Recipe description :
A homemade recipe for perfect snacked seared sea scallops the French way. To get the right combination of a crispy golden-brown surface with a fresh tender scallop the best way is to snack them in a frying pan. Here the scallops are accompanied with an orange compote and cooked leek.
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Spring dips !
Some suggestions for dips that can be served as a sidedish or a starter with some bread or crackers. Perfect for a first spring feeling ! Bon appétit !
Uploaded on : 2015-Apr-11
A different starter made out of avocado, grapefruit and cream. the mousse will have a creamy texture and can be served as it is or on white bread. Do not make it more than 1 day before serving because it tends to lose its beautiful color fast.
Uploaded on : 2015-Aug-06
A homemade classical Swedish shrimp salad also called skagenröra. This is a typical summer delight and taste best with fresh shrimps. It is mostly served as a starter on a toast, but also a favorite to baked potatoes, or as a filling in a baguette. The salad is named after the Danish town Skagen, furthest north in Denmark.
Uploaded on : 2014-Oct-27
Pesto is a sauce that traditionally consists garlic, basil and pine nuts mixed with Parmesan cheese and olive oil. This recipe is without pine nuts and parmesan cheese.
Uploaded on : 2015-May-21
This sauce can be eaten to many occasions, for example to BBQ, as a starter, as a salad dressing, to pasta, or on a pizza and etc. To make it more healthy you can choose the low fat version of the sour cream.
Uploaded on : 2014-Sep-28
A sauce from the middle east. Often maid with tahini and garlic, but this recipe is without these two ingredients. Really good on white bread.
Uploaded on : 2015-Apr-21
A different shrimp dip with avocado and egg. Very tasty as it is on white bread, together with a salad, or with some cucumber or carrot sticks. Make sure the avocado is not too soft.
Uploaded on : 2015-May-13
This is a sauce or a dip it depend on how much tuna verses sour cream you add. To make a dip take a bit less sour cream. You can eat it as a starter on white bread or crackers, on a salad, or have it on a pizza.
Uploaded on : 2015-Apr-14
This is the Greek sour cream/ yoghurt sauce with cucumber, olive oil and garlic. It is commonly eaten on bread, as a dip to vegetables, with gyros, grilled meat, or in a pita bread. Before it is time to serve it, sprinkle some olive oil on top, and garnish with olives and dill to make it look even nicer.
Uploaded on : 2015-Sep-04
A homemade recipe of the Bavarian cheese specialty that is served in the typical beer gardens. The recipe has many variations but this is the classical one. This cheese is perfect as a starter or in between two meals. It is served together with dark or white bread, radishes and onions.
The latest published recipes.
Uploaded on : 2023-Mar-27
Instead of stopping at the closest Mexican restaurant on the way home from work, would you like to make your own burritos for ones? I know I felt that way, many times. With this easy to follow recipe, you can fill the burritos with all your favorite ingredients as you like. No need to choose from a menu anymore. If you get leftovers put them in freezer. Next time you're up for burritos, just take them out from the freezer and pop them in the oven.
Uploaded on : 2023-Mar-12
This delicious easy to make tuna rice salad is perfect for a busy household. My mom used to throw this together after a long day at the beach. Fits perfect for light lunch or for a camping trip.
Uploaded on : 2023-Mar-02
Coming up with new ideas for week food when having kids can be tricky. Especially when you want to keep a healthy diet. This vegetarian kebab is quick to prepare when the kids are getting back from school. Kebab you might think, how can that be healthy. Well first of all change the fries with rice, the kebab sauce with natural yogurt and voila, a healthy dinner ready within 30 minutes.
Uploaded on : 2023-Feb-21
The other day when the kids asked for oven baked sausage, I asked my self, how to make it healthier. To begin with, I switched the sausage to a vegetarian version. About the cheese, well you can't take away the cheese if you want to oven bake the sausage for sure. So Instead I found an alternative with haloumi and mozzarella cheese. Maybe it goes as stew, who knows? Try it, and se what you think!
Uploaded on : 2023-Feb-14
In Sweden shrove/fat Tuesday is a national day dedicated to eat semlor. Yes, I know! a national day for a dessert! Sweeds are crazy about their fika bread. Belive it or not, they even have several days dedicated for different desserts during the year. I our family we love semlor and always want more after taken the last bite. This gave me the idea of combining a blond mud cake with a semla. The outcome is this delicious cake creation.
Uploaded on : 2023-Feb-09
I our household time is limited in the evening, with cooking and helping the kids with their homework at the same time. Still I try to make a healthy dinner instead of picking up fast food on the way home from school. This bean salad is perfect as I use ecological beans in cans to save time. Just rinse, choose the oil and spices you like and it's ready to serve.
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