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Image of Prosciutto pizza.
Recipe cost: 3
Recipe difficulty: 1
Preparation : 00:15
Cooking : 00:20

Recipe description :
A typical Italian pizza with a thin bottom, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese and arugula. With this homemade dish you can make your own favorite pizza whenever you'd like to. The secret to get a perfect pizza it to use fresh ingredients, and to enhance the taste you can sprinkle Parmesan and a bit of olive oil on top of it all.
Image of Mushroom Risotto.
Preparation : 00:20
Cooking : 00:30

Recipe description :
A classic Italian-style Risotto with mushrooms. This dish is very creamy and fits nicely together with red meat or chicken. If you cook the rice slowly it will become creamy and sticky on the outside and firm on the inside. This recipe is made with mushrooms, but you can make the risotto with different ingredients such as chicken, vegetables, fish or meat.
Image of Mushroom and zucchini mousse.
Preparation : 00:15
Cooking : 00:45

Recipe description :
This is a homemade vegetable mousse that fits perfect as a starter. It is easy to make and will impress your guest. It is best to use small white mushrooms which makes a wonderful taste combination together with the zucchini.
Image of Limoncello cake with mascarpone.
Preparation : 00:40
Cooking : 00:25

Recipe description :
This is a homemade Italian spongecake with limoncello and lemon curd. It taste wonderful if you make your own lemon curd. It has a wonderful texture combined with fresh lemons and sweet mascarpone cheese frosting. It is perfect to serve when you have a gathering with only adults considering the cake contains liqueur.
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Autumn soups and breads
Now when the summer slowly is changing in to autumn we present some ideas for soups and breads that fits for a colder day.
Uploaded on : 2018-May-06
This is a homemade Japanese Chicken ramen, better known as chicken and noodle soup. It has the traditional ginger, chicken and wheat noodle as a base. This recipe has carrot, broccoli and egg as flavors, but it is possible to add more traditional Japanese vegetables if you can find them in the shop.
Uploaded on : 2016-Jun-19
This is a soft white bread with pumpkin seeds. The bread is made with normal wheat flour, but if you prefer a darker bread, you can use graham flour instead. A perfect bread to serve together with a soup.
Uploaded on : 2018-Mar-18
This is a homemade Japanese inspired fish soup with a splash of Saké as a twist. You can add almost any ingredient you like or have at home as you will have clear soup broth as base.
Uploaded on : 2016-May-29
This is an easy and quick homemade white bread with sunflower seeds. You can serve it for breakfast, to a soup or why not make sandwiches with it for your summer picnic. To make it different you can shape the bread like a big loaf or small balls.
Uploaded on : 2016-Mar-09
A homemade pumpkin soup like this one is a perfect starter during the cold winter time. To top it up you can serve the soup together with a French baguette, and on top you can sprinkle croutons or pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin soup is very popular in the United states during thanksgiving celebrations.
Uploaded on : 2015-Mar-18
This is a perfect and easy recipe for home made baguettes. They get soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, like real baguettes from the bakery. The dough need to rest for 10-12 hours before you can cook them.
The latest published recipes.
Uploaded on : 2018-Sep-20
A homemade spinach soup with fresh ginger to make it spicier is perfect on a cold autumn day. You can add butter fried bread pieces or boiled eggs in the soup to enhance the flavor even more.
Uploaded on : 2018-Sep-17
A fast end easy soup to make on an autumn day and taste good together with white bread as a main dish. Or you can serve the soup as a starter in small serving bowls.
Uploaded on : 2018-Sep-12
These are small and delicious nougat bars that are easy to make and can be kept in the freezer for 3 months. Fits perfect when you have many guests or as an afternoon treat to the coffee
Uploaded on : 2018-Sep-04
This homemade chocolate cake has a soft chocolate meringue on top of it, which make the cake taste heavenly. It is easy to make and the kids can help in the kitchen to feel part of the baking process.
Uploaded on : 2018-Aug-21
The Swedish smörgåstårta is very popular in the summer and is often served on school graduations or fits to all big summer celebrations. This particularly on might not be the first one that comes to mind, but both kids and adults will love it. The cake is best to prepare one day before, that way it has time to rest in the fridge over the night.
Uploaded on : 2018-Aug-06
English scones with raisins inside. You can server them together with butter, jam or cream as a breakfast or for the afternoon tea.
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