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Here the terms of use and conditions :
Last update: 2017-January-21

Welcome to, a website created for the purpose of publishing, sharing and exchanging recipes (also referred to as the "Service"). The following Terms and Conditions of use (the “Terms”) govern the use of the Service and any Content made available from or through this Service and subdomains or applications. The Terms apply to all use of the Service itself but also to the affiliates, employees or administration team members of the Service Provider (also referred to as the “Administration Team”, or "We" and/or "Us") responsible for maintaining and developing the Service. Please read the Terms carefully before using the Service.

We may change, modify, add, or delete portions of the Terms at any time. We will provide notice of such changes only by posting the updated Terms on our Service and changing the "last updated" date listed above.

By viewing or otherwise using this Service, you guarantee that you are an adult (not underage) as applicable under the rules and laws from the country/region you are visiting the Service from. If you are underage you warrant that your parents or guardians have authorized you to use this Service. You accept, agree and understand the policies and the Terms as applied to your use of the Service. If you do not agree or understand these Terms, you may not access or otherwise use the Service and published content.

You agree as a non-registered person (“Visitor”) and/or as an identified user (“User”) to comply with these Terms and all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to applicable copyright law.

General conditions :

Definitions can be found in the section “Glossary” below.

The Service’s objective is to publish, share and exchange (through comments on dedicated places) Recipes from individuals throughout the world for non-commercial purposes. All Recipes uploaded by User and published shall be free of any third party copyrights, trademarks or brand names and any other intellectual property rights (unless consent has been granted by a third party at the Users sole responsibility). You (Visitor or User) agree to use the Service and its Content at your sole risk and discretion.

We do not give any guarantees or representations nor give any warrant of any kind regarding functionality, fitness for purpose, quality, originality, consistency of the published Content, (including but not limited to text, description and pictures). We do not guarantee that the Service and server will be available at all times. Maintenance of the Service and server might be performed at any moment without previous notification to the Visitor or User.

We have no obligation and will not check if the uploaded Content (including pictures) is used in violation or infringement of copyrights or other third party rights. We will remove any such material if the owner or beneficiary of the copyright or third party right has made contact with Us through If copyrighted or otherwise protected material has been uploaded, the User having uploaded such Content will be held solely responsible for the Content and agrees to indemnify and hold Us and the Service harmless from any and all claims from a third party based on the Content published by the User. The Service and its employees, affiliates and Administration Team can not be held responsible for any Users Content infringing or violating any copyright or other intellectual property rights.

Recipes are uploaded by a User with the purpose to share them through the Service. A User must be an adult as defined by the laws and regulations from the country or territory from which the User gains access to and use of the Service. Recipes will be reviewed and approved by the Administration Team before being made available (made visible) on the Service. During the review process We will ensure that no inappropriate Content will be published. This process will take approximately one calendar week, but could also be performed faster or longer. We make no representations or guarantees regarding the one-week time frame. During the review process, We will try to ensure that the information provided in the Content is correct, accurate and relevant. We reserve the right to change or make corrections to any information or Recipes at any time and without notice. Recipes and/or comments will be reviewed, and if the Content is in compliance with these Terms the Content will be published on the Service and integrated in our databases. Once approved by the Administration Team, the Recipe will be made visible on the Service for Visitors and Users. This shall under no circumstances stipulate or imply that We endorse or share responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information, opinion, advice or statement on the Service.

The Administration Team will not verify the quality, fitness for purpose or quantities of published ingredients or accuracy of the Recipe instructions prior to publishing, and disclaims any responsibility and can under no circumstances be held liable that the outcome of published Recipes will be as described or expected from the provided pictures and instructions. Therefore, the Service, the Administration Team and We cannot be made responsible or requested or required any compensation (financial or in any other ways) for the outcome not meeting the Visitor's or User's expectations.

It is up to each User/Visitor to ensure a safe preparation and consumption of the outcomes of the Recipes at their own discretion. The Service, its Administration Team, employees and affiliates do not take any responsibility and can under no circumstances be held liable if the Visitor, User or a third party is hurt, injured or harmed in any way, including but not limited to allergic reactions or any other health conditions, while using the information published on the Service. Similarly, the Service, the Administration Team, its employees and affiliates do not take any responsibility and can under no circumstances be held liable if the Visitor or User damages or destroys his/her property or any other person’s or company's property while using the information published on the Service.

A User may NOT publish links to external sites, email, postal address, phone numbers, information or identification to third parties' Services or applications or any other personal data or company data in any ways on the Service.

Fraudulent intrusions or attempts of intrusion may lead to the Administration Team contacting authorities, such as Police. The Service and Administration Team does not take any responsibility for unauthorized access to a User's account or unauthorized amendments of Content or information provided by a User.

The Service, its employees, affiliates and Administration Team does not take any responsibility for any criminal activity performed through services provided by the Service, such as threats, or anything else as described in the paragraph: "Inappropriate, offensive content" and in the rest of the Terms.

If the user or visitor is in breach of the Terms, the User/Visitor is responsible to compensate the Service for all direct or indirect damage the User or Visitor has caused.

Swedish law shall be applicable on these Terms. Disputes shall be settled in the public courts of Sweden, with the district court of Gothenburg being first instance.

Recipes can only be written in English, French, German or Swedish.

Disclaimer :

The Service, including but not limited to its Content, all services, functions and materials are provided on an "as-is" and "as available" basis "with all faults" and without any warranty or representations of any kind, neither express or implied.

The Service, the Administration Team and its employees does not provide any warranty of any kind, without limitation, for the information, data, text, Content, images, data processing services, accuracy, precision, correctness, completeness, usefulness of Content, as well as for the uptime and access to the Service and its databases.

We make no warranty that the Service, its content and/or provided services will meet the User's or Visitor's expectations or requirements. No advice, result of information obtained by the User or Visitor from us or the Service shall serve to create any warranty or representation.

The Service, the Administration Team and its employees make no guarantees, whether express or implied, that the page or server on which the Service and its respective databases are stored are free from viruses, trojans or any other harmful components. We assume and will assume no responsibility and shall not be liable for any viruses or harmful component that might infect or affect or damage your equipment following your use of, access to or browsing of the Service or from downloading any material and Content such as data, text, pdf, images, etc... from the Service.

We make no warranty that the Service, its databases, content or provided services and functions will be timely, uninterrupted, error free, secure or that defects will be addressed and corrected.

It is the User's and Visitor's sole responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, such as but not limited to ingredients, quality, quantity or oven temperature, advice and/or opinion provided through the Service. Similarly, it is the User's and Visitor's sole responsibility to prepare and consume the recipe and its outcome in a secure way. We recommend You seek the advice from professional sources as appropriate regarding the evaluation of information or Content, including but not limited to health, lifestyle information, dietary information etc...

If You are unsatisfied with the Service or the provided services, your sole remedy is to at your sole discretion discontinue using the Service and all provided services.

Limitation of liability :

In no event, including but not limited to negligence shall We, our affiliates, or any of our employees or the Administration Team be liable for any direct, special, incidental, indirect, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind arising from, or directly or indirectly related but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profits, loss of business, loss of sales or loss of data or otherwise arising out of or in any way connected with the use of, or inability to use, the Service or Content contained on, or accessed through, the Service.

Content of published recipes :

Content is hereby understood as all information and material in any data type and any forms that is uploaded by the User and approved on the Service. This could be, for example, text, pictures, videos, comments, etc...
Regarding the Content the User:
  • provides a grant by You (the User) to the benefit of Us and the Service, of an irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, sub-licensable right to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell the uploaded Content (text and pictures) for all commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  • guarantees that the Recipes are not copied from a book, magazine, another Service, blog or are otherwise in any way or as a whole or in part copyrighted material and that the Content, in whole or in part, does not infringe any copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property right of any third party. By uploading Content such as (but not limited to) text and pictures, You guarantee that You own or control the copyright and any other rights related to the Content you submit and that you authorize Us and the Service to use, distribute, sell or otherwise dispose of the Content. As such, if the User does not own the copyrights and any other applicable rights to the Content, the User shall not upload it on the Service at any time. You are required to indemnify and keep the Service, its employees, affiliates and members of the Administration Team harmless against any claims made by third parties due the use of the material and Content You upload to the Service.
  • guarantees that the Content is not containing unlawful, tortious, harassing, defamatory, invasive, aggressive, racist, abusive, hateful, obscene, threatening or otherwise inappropriate parts or whole, and that the Content is published in compliance with these Terms.
  • authorizes Us and the Administration Team to publish his/her Recipe on the Service and to integrate it in its database(s).

Use and limitation of use of published Recipes :

Recipes published on the Service shall only by used for non-commercial, non-profit purposes and/or by non-profit organizations or individuals. The Visitor or User shall not reproduce parts or totality of a Recipe (including instructions, pictures, ingredients or any of its content) for commercial purposes. Recipes published are integrated on one (or several) database(s), and neither the Recipes nor the database shall be copied, extracted or extrapolated by any way or means. The Visitor or User shall under no circumstances try to hack the Service or by any other way damage, delete or tamper with the Content published on the Service.

The use of Recipes and published material on the Service shall fall under below categories:
  • The Visitor or User is a private person: for private use such as preparation of dinner for friends and/or families.
  • The Visitor or User is a professional cook without publication rights of the Recipes and/or its content. If using the Recipes for your menu, you shall indicate the source of the Recipes, i.e: “This recipe comes from”
  • The Visitor or User represents a “cooking school”, “cooking association” or is a student of such: you are not authorized to publish the Recipes without written agreement from You can contact the Administration Team at to inquire about possible partnerships.

Distribution of Recipes:

The Visitor or User shall not distribute or publish the Recipes or Content, including but not limited, to newsgroups, intranet, diffusion lists, leaflets, brochures, printed material etc… except if a written agreement has been reached with the Administration Team. You can contact the Administration Team at to inquire possible partnerships.

As a Visitor or User you can print out and/or save a Recipe for Your personal use.

Downloading Content is at the risk of the User/Visitor and under his/hers sole discretion and responsibility. We and the Service shall not be held liable for any damage on the User's/Visitor's or any third party equipment or computer, or for any loss of documents, files or software.

The Visitor or User can link to the Service by using:

Logotypes, brands, designs, illustrations, pictures and texts shall not be used, reproduced, modified, published or diffused without written agreement with the Administration Team. Mentioned brands and their logos belong to their respective owners and are protected by trademark laws. Content of published advertisement may also be protected by intellectual property rights. These items shall not be used, reproduced, modified, published or borrowed without authorization from their respective owners.

The Service requires from its Visitors and Users the respect of third party rights. If you consider that your brand, logotype or registered/unregistered trademark has been used in a way that impairs or might impair your intellectual propriety rights, please contact us at

Uploading material through the Service:

The User agrees not to use the Service to upload, send, e-mail, or publish in any other way Content that can be (including but not limited to) illegal, threatening, harmful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive.

The User is under no circumstances allowed to upload, spread or try to spread viruses, trojans, or any other harmful code that might impair the Service servers or the visitor's, user's or third party computer or equipment such has (but not limited to) smart phones, tablets, etc... through the Service.

The User also agrees not to prejudice in any way underage Users or Visitors. The Service reserves the right, in that capacity or when a contribution is contrary to the editorial line of the Service (but without it being an obligation), to remove any Content and inform appropriate authorities when deemed adequate.

If you wish to raise any concerns, please contact the team at:

Responsibility of Content:

The Service and its Administration Team disclaims all responsibility regarding the origins of the published Recipes. We will not be held responsible or accountable for the Content uploaded to or published on the site by the Users. The Service and Administration Team will not perform a verification of the entered Recipes in order to confirm violation or infringement of any copyright or other third party rights. Each entry will be reviewed by the Administration Team solely to avoid inappropriate, offensive, unrelated information or Content that might be contrary to the editorial line.

The Service, its employees and the Administration Team neither guarantee the outcome nor the quality of any published Recipes. We do not guarantee that Recipes meet expectations or that the results of following the Recipe are correct and reliable, any ingredient or instruction is missing, the Recipes are correctly documented with regards to quantity of ingredients, the cooking time and given temperature or if the text, instructions and pictures published on the Service are misleading and/or erroneous.

For instance, if a Recipe states that the cooking time of a given cake should be 30 minutes at 1000 (one thousand) degrees Celsius, it is at the Visitor's or User's discretion to change the given temperature to a judged suitable one. In the example given, 100 degrees might be more suitable. The User could than comment in the comment section that the given temperature might be incorrect. The same applies to quantity of ingredients or calculated quantities.

Improvement suggestions can be made in the comment section under each Recipe.

Comments on recipes:

For each recipe it is possible to submit a comment. Only Users (identified persons) can submit comments after having entered a valid email address.

As for the recipes all comments will be read by the Administration Team before made visible on the webpage. When a User enters a comment, the same rules (as described in these terms of use) for each submitted comment as for the recipes will apply.

The Author's email address which is required for commenting a recipe will not be visible on the webpage but stored in our database(s) and might be used by the administration team to contact the User.

If the Administration Team judges that a comment breaches the terms of use, the comment will not be made visible and will be erased from our database(s). This will be done without contacting the author of the comment before or after the comment is rejected and the Administration Team will not justify why the comment has been rejected.

The Author of the comment will not be contacted when the comment has been approved but he/she will be able to see it, like anyone else on the relevant recipe.

Update of Recipes Contents and temperatures:

In recipes where oven is needed and oven temperatures are described, the Visitor or User can convert the mentioned temperatures from Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit degrees and vice versa.

The calculated converted temperatures might or might not be an even number or the number might or might not be available on the User's or Visitor's equipment. It us up to the User/Visitor to adapt this given figure to the nearest rounded number of the Users/Visitors equipment. For instance, if the recipe shows a figure of 328 degrees Fahrenheit the Visitor or User might need to use 330 degrees Fahrenheit, but can also decide to use 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the Recipe descriptions, the Visitor or User can update the quantity of the ingredients to fit different servings than the original post by clicking the relevant button, then choosing the number of servings. The Service will calculate the new quantity according to the selected serving. This feature is a help for the User and Visitor, the computed numbers shall always be reviewed to identify likely mistakes. It is at the User's and Visitor's discretion to change or to use the provided quantity during the preparation of the recipe.

The Service, the Administration Team and the employees do not take any responsibility for the calculated serving and or change of temperature figures and shall not be made responsible for the outcome following the preparation of a recipe with calculated update of servings or change of temperature.


You, the Visitor or User of the Service agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Service, its Administration Team and employees against all claims, costs, damages and expenses, (including but not limited to attorney's fees) related to the Visitor's or User's use of the Service and its Content. Similarly, the User agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Service, its Administration Team and employees, in same way as above mentioned regarding information, comments or pictures provided and uploaded by the User, including but not limited to third party claims that any Content might violate third party's rights, copyrights or interests.

Access of children and underage:

Access of Service for underage shall only be done after authorization and/or consent from parents, guardians or holders of parental authority.

Any activities based on Recipes derived from the Service performed by children, underage Users and Visitors or mentally and physically challenged adults, we recommend such activities taking place with parents or guardians authorization and under suitable supervision.

Inappropriate, offensive content:

Inappropriate, offensive and copyrighted material is not authorized for publication. The following provides a non-exhaustive list of Content (or comments) that is expressly forbidden for publication on the Service:
  • Pornographic, sexual adult or mature content of any form.
  • Comments suggesting committing illegal or dangerous acts.
  • Racist, hateful, irrespective and aggressive comments or any such comments against individuals, groups or organizations.
  • Hacking / cracking or any comments suggesting such activities.
  • Piracy or suggesting piracy in any forms and means.
  • Casino or gambling related content.
  • Use of drugs or illicit drugs content.
  • Tobacco or tobacco related products.
  • Weapons or ammunitions of any forms.
  • Products that are replicas of copies of designer or other goods that are royalty based.
  • Suicidal behavior or comments that might lead someone to endanger his/her life.
  • Aggressive acts, descriptions or comments suggesting such actions against persons and or third party properties.
  • Aggressive acts, descriptions or comments suggesting such actions against animals.
  • Any comments or content harassing, humiliating, discriminating, diminutive or any other inappropriate comments directed towards another user.
  • Any other content that is illegal or promotes illegal activities.
Before being published, the Content (Recipe descriptions, comments, etc…) will be reviewed by our Administrative Team. If You by any chance encounter inappropriate Content or wish to raise concern and inform the administration team you can contact Us at:

Once alerted, the Administration Team will take any appropriate actions, which without limitation may consist of banning the User; deleting the Content from our databases; contacting and transmitting Content to appropriate authorities.

Origins of recipes:

When documenting a Recipe, the User is asked to provide a geographical origin (country or region) for the Recipe as accurately as possible. The Service also accepts that several instances of a Recipe might have different countries or regions of origin. The User or Visitor can also search a Recipe by origin or by selecting a region on the provided maps.

This functionality is provided only to give inspiration for our Visitors and Users and to help them find Recipes from all around the word. The Administration Team can not guarantee that the provided origin is accurate and correct and will not review and check such information for accuracy


Maps used within the Service are a visual aid for country or region identification and selection. These maps represent continents or countries name, followed by the number of Recipes published as being originated from the respective continent or region.

The maps used within the Service are from Google Charts: Google Charts.

Terms and conditions from Google apply to the Google Charts and Google Geocharts: Google Terms and Conditions.


Translation services used on the web page are provided by Google translation services. We do not guarantee that the translated text will be free of errors. Misunderstandings regarding ingredients, quantity or instructions can also happen. As for the use of any services provided on the webpage, we recommend user or visitor to use common sense and best judgment if translated text seems peculiar.

Regarding translated Terms of Use, english shall be the language of reference in case of unclarity or misunderstandings.

To read about Googles terms and conditions for the translation services, please visit Google's translate webpage.

Data privacy:

Use of parts of the Service require login. By creating an account and login to the Service or by documenting name and email address (for comments), a Visitor becomes a User and can then access certain features of the Service. During the registration process a unique username and unique email is requested, combined with a password. It is the User's responsibility to protect and keep the password and username in a way that this information cannot be used by a third party to access the account. The User can also choose to register a Nickname.

The User will be held responsible for any activity on the Service performed under his/her account. If the User suspects or knows that his/her account has been hacked and fraudulently used, it is the legitimate User's responsibility to immediately contact the Administration Team by sending an e-mail at

A User or Visitor may not under any circumstances use or try using another person’s account.

A User warrants that all information provided by a User during the registration process is correct and accurate.

During the registration process, the entered password is encrypted before being stored in the database. No passwords in plain text are stored. If the password is forgotten, the User can request a reset of the password.

The User can also update stored data (including the password) after having logged on to the MyProfile section.

The Administration Team reserves the right to decline at any time the use of a username that might be offensive, defamatory or inappropriate under any part of these Terms or otherwise. Likewise, the Administration Team reserves the right to terminate a User's account at any time without notice if a User is in breach or non-compliance with these Terms.

Personal data, including but not limited to the data entered in the registration form when creating an account, will NOT be communicated to any external party, and will only be used by Us or the Service in order to provide and enhance the requested Service to the User and in order to manage the Users account. The personal data will also be used to monitor Your activities within the Service and make sure such activities are in compliance with the Terms.

Search text data, as well as viewed Recipes will be stored in the database and the date/time when the search was made in order to be able to improve the service delivered to the Service community.

The User can decide NOT to display his/her Nickname by letting this field empty while registering (or deleting it from his/her profile).

When uploading a Recipe, User identification will be collected and kept in the different databases in order to be able to identify the author of a Recipe or comments posted to a Recipe.

The Nickname might be used as a reference to the author (the User) but NOT the Username. The Username is used to communicate with You and to identify You on the Service. This gives the possibility to the User to have a different name published on the Recipes/comments than the one used for logging and account management purposes.

The Administration Team might decide to publish or not to publish a reference to the author (the User) of the uploaded Recipe and each separate comment.

You may once per year free of cost request information regarding Your personal data that We store and process, and may also request that we remove, delete or amend any such personal data. Requests shall be out to


For the time being the Use of the Service as Visitor or User is free of charge. We reserve the rights to change this policy at our own discretion in the future. If it is decided that a membership fee or cost for certain services might be required, We will inform the User and Visitor by updating these Terms and by sending e-mail notifications in an appropriate time frame.


Administration Team: Refers to the group of persons or person maintaining the Service, its layout, functions and related databases. The Administration Team is also reviewing and accepting content of a recipe to be published or rejecting the recipe in case it does not follow the described terms of use.

Content:All information and material in any data type and any forms that is uploaded and approved on the Service. This could be, but not limited to, text, pictures, videos, comments, etc...

Nickname: is the user defined identifier identifying the user (author) of recipes and comments. The User can choose to document this or not. If the User decides not to give a nickname, no identification on the Recipes will be displayed. However if a User wishes to enter a comment, the Nickname will be displayed and as such the User must have created a Nickname or the user must enter a Nickname in the appropriate place when submitting a comment.

Recipe:List(s) of ingredients, description(s) of procedural steps, pictures, text, and any other information describing or helping to perform the recipe.

Service Provider: Pascal Mellinger, Gothenburg, Sweden.

User: Is hereby understood as an identified person. Identification is done either through having created an account and registered for the Service or having entered a valid email address where required and approved these Terms. A User can use the Service as a Visitor but also comment on the Recipes and upload his/her own Recipes. He/she can be the author of one or several Recipes as well as one or several comments. 

Visitor: Is hereby understood as an unidentified individual not having created an account or not being identified by their email address, and as such not using the Service to the same extent as a user. A Visitor can search and read the Recipes but cannot upload or comment on any of them. To do so the Visitor needs to register for the Service or enter a valid email where required. 

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