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Kid Easter eggs
Kid Easter eggs
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A homemade, easy and quick kid food to prepare for Eastern. This is a recipe for eggs shaped like chickens, which fits all year around. Could be a fun activity to make the kids be part of the egg preparations.

Ingredient List for 4 servings:
6 Eggs
1 small Carrot
18 Pepepr corns
Boil the eggs in a casserole with water for 5 minutes. Try to get the egg yellow just on the edge to be a bit sticky.
Take away the casserole and rinse the eggs in cold water. Let them in cold water in the casserole for 10 minutes.
Peel and cut small triangles of the carrot to use for beaks.
Peel the eggs. Cut 3 in halves and keep 3 full sizes. Place on the serving plate you will use.
Place the pepper corns as eyes and the carrot as beaks. Now you should have 3 full size hens with 2 chickens each.
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