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Swedish flat bread with meatballs
Swedish flat bread with meatballs
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This is a fast and simple recipe of the Swedish soft flat bread with meatballs. This recipe uses already done meatballs, but it always tastes better if you do them yourself. It is perfect to serve this rolls cold, either as a starter or as a side dish. The rolls will be especially appreciated by the kids.

Ingredient List for 6 servings:
4 Soft flat bread
100 gr Strong grated cheese
30 Swedish meatballs
Fry the meatballs for approx five minutes, and let them cool down
Butter one side of the flat breads.
Grate the cheese, and sprinkle it on the breads.
Divide the meatballs in half and put them on the breads.
Roll the bread as a roll from the long side of the bread, so they form a wrap.
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This recipe is from Sweden
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